Chemical Roof Delignification in Perth

Chemical delignification has become a big talking point in the real estate industry with a lot of real estate agents and building inspectors getting together to rule it out saying it is a MAJOR non-structural defect so the agents don’t miss out on any of their precious commission. They are doing this by attempting to manipulate wording and misrepresent phrases or paragraphs in the Australian standards, but what they cannot manipulate are the facts.

The most common thing being said is that the batten are not part of the roof frame and the roof tile battens are not a structural element.

Let me point you to every one of these same inspectors reports on new homes on stage by stage construction when reporting on the roof framing and I will ask you “are the roof tile battens included in the report under the section (roof frame)”?

Simple answer yes.

So, if it is part of the roof framing on a new home at what stage does it become part of the roof cover on an established home and stop carrying/supporting the load of the roof tiles? Answer it does not.

Roof tile battens are a structural element and part of the roof frame, once chemical delignification is identified in roof battens it is to be classed as a MAJOR structural defect as stated in the example page 30
As 4349.1-2007 table f1 (the standard referred to in the reiwa contract)
Section d material deterioration.

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