Few garage owners realise that they are liable if part of their (deteriorating) garage falls onto a person.

Recently in West Byfleet part of a lintel fell onto the shoulder of the garage owner’s wife, narrowly missing her head. The owner called his insurers. They examined the garage and declared that the building was not covered by his insurance since the structure had not been maintained and was in a dangerous state. The garage owner came to us and we fitted a new lintel to his building which is now included in his property insurance.

Currently there is clear evidence that the HSE (who up until a year or so ago had dealt mainly in industrial safety) have stepped into the public arena by bringing a case against a council that had failed to maintain a party wall. The wall fell onto a six year girl who luckily was not killed. However that situation cost the council £160,000.- in fines and costs.

Full details of this case can be found here.


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