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All quotations are based on the visible damage to, or foreseeable failure of, the components making up the structure as can be viewed. Not included are items that are damaged or have failed but are not visible at the time of the inspection. The overall cost of this type of work can be reduced if more than one or two units are repaired at the same time. If you have adjacent owners with buildings needing work it could be in everyone’s interest to have the work done at the same time.

Asbestos Removal (if present)

All asbestos has to be removed to comply with current legislation. Clients are reminded that the regulations regarding the presence of asbestos are continually being revised (basically tightened up) and in one part of the HSE regulations it states that nothing can be sold that contains asbestos. Whether garage or shed roofs are covered by this directive is not clear from the HSE website to which we were referred in an email from the HSE when we raised a specific inquiry.

Collateral and Concealed Damage

Where further damage/failure becomes apparent as work progresses then the cost of rectification of such damage/failure is an extra and is not covered by the original quotation. Removing old/broken parts can reveal additional failed or failing components that should be replaced. The customer will be advised of such a circumstance and an additional quote will be provided to deal with this situation. Depending on the circumstance the work may have to be halted until further action is agreed by the customer.
Also not covered is any collateral damage that may occur as work on the building progresses. An example of this would be where a lintel has to be lifted to remove a defective post and the lintel, due to years of deterioration, cracks under the lifting stress.
Clients should also be aware that where a collision has occured it is normal for the impact to affect other garages in the same block. Each owner should examine their property (ideally have it surveyed) and claim on their insurance as appropriate. System garages have to be aligned as originally designed and cannot tolerate mis-alignment of panels, posts and doors, neither can roof sheets and fixings.


Leofric’s Warranty covers only the new parts supplied as further failures of existing parts can occur at any time. Such failure is not warranted, and water ingress is only remedied in association with new roof sheets fitted.

Other points to bear in mind with regard to the repair/refurbishment of Battery/System Garages

Concrete Components

All new concrete sections are cast in molds taken from drawings of the original parts. Some minor changes are made to allow for current fixing methods but they are fully compatible with existing parts. Weaknesses in the original design have also been corrected and all concrete down pipes are now lined to avoid internal spalling. The erectors who do this work are specifically trained in the handling of these large panels which can suffer damage at the hands of the inexperienced.

Garage Doors

Today we recommend roller shutter doors in place of up-and-over doors as, in the event of another impact, they can be repaired at far less cost than the older type of up and over door. Up and over doors are generally imported from Germany and now cost more than locally made roller shutter doors. Also there is no internal mechanism with springs, levers and other parts as all the mechanism is concealed within the drum of slats. This also means that less space is taken up within the garage. Note that roller shutter doors cannot be fitted to certain garage designs.


Now fibre cement replaces asbestos in most cases as it will overlap any existing asbestos roof sections. On a total re-roof we would fit a metal plastisol roof.

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Terms and Conditions

Leofric Building Systems Ltd reserves the right to change the specifications of our buildings at any time without notice.
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