Garage Energy-Harvesting

The System

By Enery-Harvesting we mean having the ability to mount frames or posts to the garage block that can take solar arrays or wind turbines to generate electricity night and day. To support such mountings Leofric have designed a number of aluminium extrusions that have mounting slots built in. All corner and interwall joining posts of our new S8FX can now have these slots so the side and rear walls are ready mountings and the front downpipe profiles can also provide for Enery-Harvesting arrays. Without such pre-engineered sections the concrete would require drilling, which usually cracks the panels. The photo on the left shows the concrete corner as used in all brands currently. The photo on the right shows our aluminium profile which creates the corner anad can support wind turbine masts and solar panels.

How all these items can be secured to the aluminium sections is shown here where the head of an M8 Bolt is trapped in the profile at any point from the ground up.


We mentioned wind. Up until now most home energy systems have been based around solar panels. New developments in wind turbine design may well challenge solar as the preferred electrical generating system. Major developments in wind turbine design are now available albeit at fairly high initial cost. The Microcube from American Wind is a tiny unit, built into a 15″x3″x3″ module which can produce 1 Kilowatt (yes 1,000 Watts) of power and starts to generate power in as little wind as 1.5mph! Currently this unit which can be seen on their website at is priced at around $2,000.- but with time and competition that price will drop. Many other wind turbines can be seen on the web at varying prices for varying outputs. So with wind, or wind plus solar, much power can be harvested from nature, with the wind operating regardless of sunlight and with our mounting system being suitable for auto sun tracking thereby increasing output even further.

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