FAQs About Our Concrete Garage Refurbishment Services


What does an insurance claim cover?

Generally insurance companies will pay for damage caused by materials (like trees) falling onto the building or as a result of something hitting it (like a vehicle). What they will not pay for is deterioration, corrosion (like rust or rot) or disintergration like cracking or spalling concrete. And more importantly, if personal injury results from any such deterioration they will deny any liability. Therefore if the flashing around a roof has bent slightly and has rust patches insurers will want it straightened not replaced.


Deposit Payment

When a job has been quoted Leofric will await the payment of the deposit before the work is put into our work programme. No materials will be ordered and therefore if any item that is on an extended lead time (such as special colour doors} can delay fulfillment considerably.


Further Payments

These depend on several factors including the length and extent of the work and our prior relationship with the client where applicable.


Site and building clearance

Buildings have to be empty. Leofric specifically takes no responsibility for any items left in the building in any regard includung damage or theft.


Charges for denial of access

Where we or our sub-contractors are unable to carry out their work for whatever reason such as lack of access but excluding weather conditions, then a charge will be made in line with the loss suffered.

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Terms and Conditions

Leofric Building Systems Ltd reserves the right to change the specifications of our buildings at any time without notice.

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