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System or battery garages came about as a solution to the lack of garages available following the re-building of residential properties after the Second World War. Building materials were in very short supply so pre-molded concrete panels were developed to create the rapid construction of blocks of garages that were secure and substantial.

With time many of these garages have deteriorated to such an extent that the concrete is cracking and falling off. To keep them safe (see the legal section of this website) the posts and lintels need to be checked for cracked concrete, rebar showing (strength gone or reduced) and missing sections. If any of these problems exist a refurbishment is required.

So what does this amount to? Well often the rear and partition walls are re-useable. Of course the asbestos roofing, if still present, has to be replaced, new doors supplied and fitted, then new front lintels and down pipes. Such a refurbishment would seldom cost more than £2,000.- per unit.

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