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The Facey Group is a not for profit, farmer run group that aims to improve on-farm practice to keep farms healthy and profitable into the future. The group conducts trials, demonstrations and extension works in the local region in addition to tailoring training that enables farmers to adopt practices which they see as beneficial and with the potential to increase their production, resulting in increased profits.

Based in Wickepin Western Australia, the Facey Group is an innovative, highly motivated, organised and well-resourced grower group with a strong focus on our local region in addition to being involved with on of the most well recognised and progressive grower group’s in Australia.

The group works with members, sponsors, partners, industry and government who are each integral facets of the success of the group.

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The Group has a Management Committee of 10 members and 3 specialist sub committees: Cropping & NRM; Sheep & Pastures and Women in Agriculture. The management committee and specialist sub committees are overseen by an Executive Committee of 4 thus the group is 100% member and grower driven and managed, which is what makes it so successful.

The Facey Group employs an Executive officer, an Agriculture Research and Extension Coordinator & a part time administration manager.

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The Facey Group was formed in January 2001, with the aim of bringing the community together to work towards achieving economic, social and environmental sustainability for the region. It is a forum for people in the district to discuss and question current farming systems and how we can improve them, and to explore and trial new systems and methods.

The group was formed out of existing Landcare Groups, and whilst environmental sustainability is a goal, the Group recognises that practices have to be profitable for farmers to adopt them.

Farmers saw an important need to conduct trials and demonstrations in the local region. The key was access information that was local, current, and relevant on topic such as the time of sowing, varieties, soil health, rotations fertiliser rates and types as well as much more. Access to this information would enable farmers to adopt practices which they saw as beneficial and would increase their production, resulting in increased profits. Without profitably local farmers where would our local communities be? Thus, the establishment and growth of the Facey Group plays an important role in the future not only of our farmers but the survival of our communities.

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